Common Stairs

"Common Stairs" - the term used to describe any staircase used in, or for access to, a multi-occupancy building, i.e. in flats for access to apartments, but also in some dwellings where entry access is shared.

These stairs are different from standard domestic flights; the load bearing characteristics of trunks and handrails are greater, and they may require fire protection.

Arborfield Joinery has the complete offer for your stair solution, from a proven tested range of common stairs to meet these requirements through to pre-assembly. From initial enquiry through to site delivery, Arborfield Joinery's sales and technical teams, offering site measuring, are supported by a dedicated sales office with bespoke design services.

Where the build programme determines particular requirements, in areas such as handling or installation, for example for Off-site Manufacturing or other Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), Arborfield Joinery can develop the standard stair designs by including features such as:

  • lifting points
  • pre-assembly
  • factory finishing
  • fire protection
  • packaging and protection
  • fixing to particular joist designs
  • shrinkage allowance for timber frame

Common stairs are available in two attractive specifications - Contemporary and Traditional. They are also available in a full FSC Chain of Custody Certification upon request.

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