PM Mendes North American Maple Veneer

North American Maple Veneer

Interior flush veneered doors have high quality natural timber veneers, laid over and concealing the timber lippings. This door range offers the luxury appearance of real wood in a cost effective flush door construction. The doors are fully face lacquered in satin to enhance and protect the veneer. Door edges are lipped and over veneered with complementary hardwood materials.

Available sizes

  • 1981mm x 457mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 457mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 533mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 533mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 610mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 610mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 686mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 686mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 711mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 711mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 762mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 762mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 838mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 864mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 864mm x 44mm
  • 1981mm x 914mm x 44mm
  • 2032mm x 813mm x 35mm
  • 2032mm x 813mm x 44mm
  • 2040mm x 426mm x 40mm
  • 2040mm x 426mm x 44mm
  • 2040mm x 526mm x 40mm
  • 2040mm x 526mm x 44mm
  • 2040mm x 626mm x 40mm
  • 2040mm x 626mm x 44mm
  • 2040mm x 726mm x 40mm
  • 2040mm x 726mm x 44mm
  • 2040mm x 826mm x 40mm
  • 2040mm x 826mm x 44mm
  • 2040mm x 926mm x 40mm
  • 2040mm x 926mm x 44mm


Use: Internal
Material: Maple
Type: Solid Doors
Brand: PM Mendes


  • Manufactured to an extremely high standard
  • Lacquered in satin
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